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“Injury" means different things to different people. Maybe your injury is:

  • An ankle sprain on a sporting field;

  • A sharp pain in your shoulder from high pruning in the garden;

  • A back strain from lifting a heavy object;

  • A neck strain from a recent car accident.


All these examples have a “pain experience” in common which, besides other things, is the first indication that there may be some level of tissue damage has occurred but it is usually our first signs that tissue healing is underway.


An important thing to realize is that inflammation is essential to the healing process, but the body usually produces excessive swelling designed to:

  • restrict the body part from moving ie "splinting the area” and thereby limit further damage;

  • “flood" the area with healing cells.


What we know from research and experience is that “controlled” early movement of an injured area usually results in a better recovery.


Our team’s Physiotherapy management for NEW injuries therefore is designed to:

  • manage your pain experience,

  • treat the excessive inflammation response,

  • provide controlled and appropriate movement to the area,

  • provide advice regarding managing you injury for home and work, and

  • commence an appropriate exercise regime.


What to expect at your first appointment:

Our Strathalbyn Physiotherapy team member will:

  • assess your injury and identify any significant structural tissue damage and refer on if required

  • provide a diagnosis based on a thorough assessment

  • provide early management treatment and advice,

indicate a likely prognosis and time line for recovery, and together formulate a return to sport or life activities plan.

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