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Dealing with Persistent Pain

Strathalbyn Physiotherapy is committed to listening to the story of the person who has taken the time to meet with us. Stories of pain and suffering give us an opportunity to piece together the greatest priorities in your life and this allows us to chart a course together.


Persistent Pain is like an alarm system that has gone awry and sounding an alarm when it perceives a threat. An alarm system is always protective, just like the Brain which is the headquarters of the pain system. However, when Pain continues for a long period the Brain comes to expect threat with normal non-threatening movements thru a process of conditioning and eventually reduces the ability for a person to cope with non-threatening daily activities.


Physiotherapy here is a process of graded exposure to non-threatening activities and movements within acceptable limits. There is no one size fits all in this situation and every pain story in unique.


There are multiple things we will try to re-write the neural pathways of your nervous system to shift the association from threat to safety.

Sometimes, cognitive skills such as Mindfulness are worked on depending on your specific need and to ensure a high standard of objectivity, we use EEG neurofeedback for this purpose.


If you would like to know more, there is a short video we like to recommend to you:

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