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Are You an Injured Worker?

Return to Work SA scheme
An injury at work is a complex situation with physical, psychological and even workplace variables that can influence expected recovery and may present barriers to returning you to pre-injury work status.


We are on every step of this journey with you. We will be advocating for your early recovery and strive to make this complex process smoother for you.



  • Early intervention of a worker's injury and including the employer in the process is at the heart of the RTWSA scheme and will provide improved health and life outcomes for the work

  • The employer is obligated to provide suitable duties and/or employment to people who have been unable to work at their pre-injury duties due to a work injury.

  • The employer should actively support the employee's participation in recovery and return to work activities.

  • If you work for an organization that employs greater than 30 employees, the employer must appoint (and retain) a return to work coordinator who will assist with helping injured workers remain at or return to work as early as possible. RTW coordinators will prepare and implement recovery/ RTW plans while liaising with medical professionals, case managers from RTWSA, worker and employer. They must also make sure adequate steps are taken by the employer to prevent further recurrence of further injuries.

  • If the employer does not keep injuries down their premiums go up so they are incentivized to keep workers from injuries.

  • When an injured worker is likely to be away from work for greater than 2 weeks the claims agent will send a mobile case manager to visit the worksite to meet with the worker and the employer so that they can be connected to services that help them recover as soon as possible and return to work.

  • As your physio we will be in touch with your case manager to discuss your current capacity, treatment plan, or anything relating to your work injury claim.

  • If you have not returned to your pre-injury work in 6 months due to medical reasons, your case manager will consider alternative employment via retraining or other services.

  • As any injured worker has access to two years of income support it is important to identify permanent impairments early that could be barriers to returning to your pre-injury role. This is important to avoid delays in seeking alternative employment for those with permanent impairments as a result of their injury.

  • As your physio it is our role to identify maximum medical improvement and cease treatment if you have reached this point. We will do our best to train your capacity and help you cope with your injury independently.

  • If your whole person impairment is <30% your injury is classified as less serious and reasonable and necessary medical expenses will be covered for a maximum period of 3 years while income support will be paid for a maximum of 2 years.

  • If your impairment is >30% your injury is classed as serious injury and you will receive income support until retirement age, medical expenses and support for life, return to work services if requested.

  • As your physio it is our role to demonstrate measurable benefit from treatment to be reasonable and necessary in this duration.

  • If the injury results in a permanent impairment the case manager will arrange for an assessment to be undertaken when there is medical evidence the injury has stabilized. This helps determine any lump sum payments and entitlements the person may receive.

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