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Are you an Injured Athlete?

The sporting athlete has a wide range of needs from pre-season injury screening to managing in-season demands/ injury.


Anyone who takes to the competitive sports field, the running track, or enjoys just keeping active may be subject to injury at some time. Consider sporting endeavors as being like multiple, repetitive actions. These repetitive actions add significant potential for injury, especially if your bio-mechanics (how your feet, hips, shoulders or spine aligns and functions under load) is not quite right...


Our aim is to keep you at your peak ability. How can we achieve this?


  • Firstly, "screening" or assessing to help you recognize areas of your body which may be showing early signs of stress or strain (sometimes before you're even aware they're there!) due to over-demands or poor bio-mechanics;

  • Advising you regarding ways to:

    • better align,

    • improve muscle balance and control

    • provide better support to the area whilst developing control;

  • Providing further advice regarding stretch, strengthen, conditioning, and control to help self treat;

  • Provide hands-on management to address key issues

Sporting injuries fall into two (2) broad categories:


  • Overuse/ muscle imbalance type injuries (eg nagging shoulder ache)

  • Direct or indirect trauma (eg ankle sprain, twisting injury of the knee)

In either case, when an injury has occurred, we will undertake careful assessment to identify the key factors, develop a management plan together incorporating a clinic and home based program, and establish a timeline for returning to sport/ activity.


If required, we are happy to liase with coaches on your behalf and if necessary liase with or refer to other medical/ health professionals to help facilitate a successful return to sport, and prevent further injury.

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