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Are You Considering or Have You Had Surgery?

What can we do after a surgery?
Physiotherapy started out as a profession after World War 1, where there was a desperate need to rehabilitate returned soldiers with grievous injuries and give them the physical skills and capacity required to go back to a life after war.


Going in for a surgery is a difficult decision that comes after a lot of waiting and persevering with pain and sometimes catastrophic trauma where a surgery is the only way out. After such a traumatic event we understand that recovery is not a straightforward journey but usually a complex equation between current capacity and the demands of life, work and return to normal expectations.


We will assess your current capacity after a surgical procedure and make sure we chart a path to your destination which may be returning to all types of jobs at your workplace, your parenting responsibilities, your gardening, playing with your grandkids or even your favorite sport. To do this we will make sure your current capacity is above your current demand and over time we will build your capacity to cope with your long-term goals.


This process is rarely linear, it is more like a zig-zag where there are a few days where you may feel like its two steps forward one step back. Rest assured because we will be with you all thru this journey and make sure you reach your destination.


We use a combination of methods to get you thru the early tissue healing phase by helping control pain and inflammation and progress you to the gym to work on tissue strength, conditioning and flexibility goals.


Are you being referred for pre-operative exercises?
In the situation that you have been referred to Physiotherapy prior to a scheduled surgical procedure for "prehab" we will assess your current functional status, your current ability to move and the goals of the surgery. We will then walk you through the procedure you have elected to undergo, design an exercise program where you understand what to expect after surgery. We will also progress you through the exercises that will be part of your post-operative rehab phase, the standard timelines expected for specific milestones and help you gain confidence in a complex decision. Undergoing prehab will help conditioning patients and this can allow speed recovery from surgical trauma.


Are you still undecided between surgery and conservative rehab?
If you are still undecided regarding the choice of an elective surgery or arthroscopic procedure, we can help you make this decision based on your current level of functional ability.


There are several recent research studies that have compared conservative and surgical interventions for orthopedic conditions and an important take away from the literature is to trial a period of conservative rehab to assess if surgery is ultimately necessary. The cost benefits of this decision are huge to the sufferer and the health care system in the long run.

If surgery is necessary, we will refer and liaise with your GP and specialist on your behalf.

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